From the Board

jacksonTomorrow’s business leaders must be taught how to develop a biblically based philosophy of business ethics, the value of integrity, the necessity to put others first, and how to make every business decision a Christ-honoring one. The faculty and staff members of our Christian institutions have many opportunities to help mold these godly character traits into the lives of their students, and the college years are a wonderful time for such growth to take place.

As a Christian businessman, I have found there is an immediate need for this type of training in our young people. The current generation is being taught to look out for themselves first and to achieve wealth at any cost. We must help in any way we can to change this humanistic way of thinking.

To that end, Alliance for Excellence has been established. As a 501(c)(3) organization, AE will assist in the continuing education of faculty and staff members in their schools of business administration, providing mentoring opportunities for Christian college students preparing for careers in business, providing networking opportunities for both college students and Christians in business and perhaps in the future providing scholarships for business students.

If your heart has been touched by the needs in the business arena and you would like to have an impact for Christ on the next generation of men and women in business, please prayerfully consider making a gift to Alliance for Excellence. Together we can have a part in shaping the lives of future leaders.

Thank you.

Larry Jackson
Alliance for Excellence Board Member