About Alliance for Excellence

Alliance for Excellence is a tax-exempt organization established primarily for the purpose of developing and fostering the understanding of an ethically based business philosophy at the college level. It is the hope of the board that college graduates under this influence will enter and/or continue in business with a proper attitude of trustworthiness and personal integrity based on the application of biblical and ethical principles to business and entrepreneurship.

Alliance for Excellence does the following:

Assist in providing appropriate continuing education for faculty and staff in fundamental Christian business administration schools including activities such as developing and refining teaching skills, hosting forums for business startups, and attending professional conferences.

Provide mentoring opportunities for Christian college students pursuing a degree in business.

Provide networking opportunities for Christian businessmen and business women and for college students preparing for a career in business.

Long-term Goals

Enable Christian business faculty to write books and case studies on businesses owned and/or operated by Christians and business management books with a biblical perspective.

Fund scholarships for students who have evidenced ability but lack finances to study to become entrepreneurs conducting business under ethically based principles.